Train a PPO agent on Accenta’s environment

This example shows how to train a PPO agent.

Import required packages

from rlenv.envs.wall.core import AccentaEnv

import torch as th
from stable_baselines3 import PPO
from import ppo_trained_model_example_path

Make the environment

env = AccentaEnv()

Make the agent’s policy

# Custom actor (pi) and value function (vf) networks
# of two layers of size 32 each with Relu activation function
policy_kwargs = dict(activation_fn=th.nn.ReLU,
                     net_arch=[dict(pi=[32, 32], vf=[32, 32])])

Make the agent

model = PPO("MlpPolicy", env, policy_kwargs=policy_kwargs, verbose=1)

Train the agent


Save the trained agent

Reload the trained agent

del model
model = PPO.load(ppo_trained_model_example_path(), env=env)

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